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Jupiter et Celeste

Tarot Moon Illustration

Tarot Moon Illustration

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Our "MOON" card will fill your home with happy vibes ☼
A card made with a lot of love in A5 format (210/148mm), printed on recycled paper with a weight of 400g.
Its little extra? a golden embossing to illuminate your pieces.
Now all that remains is to find the ideal location ☼

☾ The moon ☾

This card represents femininity in its purest essence.
Its key word? Intuition.

She's here to remind you to always follow your heart, trust your instincts & that even on the darkest nights you still shine bright.

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Our "MOON" card, will fill your home with plenty of happy vibes ☼
100% made with love, the card is printed on an A5 format recycled paper (400gsm) & embossed with gold foil.
Now all you have to do is find the perfect spot ☼

☾ The Moon ☾

This card represents womanhood and all its beauty.
Its key word? Intuition.

This card brings out your goddess energy. It remembers you to follow your heart & gut and that even in the darkest nights you shine bright!

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