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Jupiter et Celeste

ASTRO Earrings

ASTRO Earrings

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Bahja (Indian name which means happiness, happiness, joy)

The jewels of the Bahja astro collection are all made with 2mm semi-precious stones (yes, it's very small).

The stones are woven into a multicolored thread directly on the earring band.
Two ring sizes are available: 20 mm or 35 mm.
The weaving is carried out on a glittery ring gilded with fine gold, the clasp of the earring is of the "hook" type and is in gold filled supplied with a rubber pusher.

Each piece of jewelery is made by hand and to order, therefore a particular size, please specify in the comments.

The list of stones we have selected is as follows:

♈︎ Aries: hematite (rose gold)
♉️ Taurus: malachite (green)
♊︎ Gemini: labradorite (grey, blue reflections)
♋️ Cancer: moonstone (white)
♌️ Leo: Sunstone (light orange)
♍️ Virgo: aquamarine (light blue)
♎︎ Libra: pink opal (pink)
♏️ Scorpio: spinel (black)
♐️ Sagittarius: garnet (dark red)
♑️ Capricorn: caramel agate (brown)
♒️ Aquarius: lapis (dark blue)
♓︎ Pisces: ametrine (purple)
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